Final Wrap Up

Clearly I’m a huge fan of Villanova and their basketball program. I picked this mainly because if I would have blogged about anything else I wouldn’t have put as much effort into it or even be that interested in it myself. I love sports and could relate to this topic the most.

I actually enjoyed doing this, blogging is something I’ve never really did before but definitely plan on doing some more of after completing this assignment. I hope you enjoyed my blog and information on the program this year. I will definitely keep this updated and write about more games approaching.



Bright Future (Content Piece #8)

The season is looking good so far but the Wildcats still have multiple  challenges they have to face towards the end of the season. Creighton, Marquette, and Georgetown are always tough match ups every year. Villanova is currently ranked #4 in the nation which is a great accomplishment. But there nowhere near done yet.

March Madness is what every team dreams of winning. Villanova has the potential to possibly do it, if they maintain a good ranking over the course of the regular season they’ll receive a good seeding in the bracketolgy for the tournament. Getting a good seed makes your trip through the tournament a little easier but still very challenging to be accomplished.

Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, Ohio State, and UNC are just some of the teams that we would have to beat or hope to lose. The last time Villanova made it to the final four was 2008 with Scottie Reynolds. I believe they have a good chance to do it again this year with the players they have, experience gained over the course of the year, and the great coaching they get on a daily basis.

Nova Nation (Content Piece #7)

Being home in a big game is a huge advantage in any sport. When you have fans supporting the team screaming and cheering for them it can be very beneficial. Home court advantage can also intimidate your opponent by possibly getting in their head or distracting them.

Villanova has one of the best home court advantages when playing at the pavilion located right on campus. Every  big game is sold out which is why they sometimes play at the Wells Fargo Center where the Sixers play. Their student section is one of the best in nation, almost every student on campus wants to attend the games and get their hands on tickets.

Nova Nation is what the student section is called and the players on the team love it. With the band, cheerleaders, dancers, and students all their it makes it a great atmosphere to be around. After every game the players walk over to the section and thank them for their dedication to the team and helping them as much as possible throughout each and every game.

Big East Play (Content Piece #6)

After the loss to Syracuse, Villanova needed to bounce back against Butler. Division play is huge in the NCAA and almost every game is close and intense no matter what each teams records are. Villanova is at the top of the Big East right now and want to maintain that position so this an important game for them.

The game was just a classic Big East game going back and forth. Nova led at halftime by one point and kept their lead for most of the second half. Pinkston (Foward) had the ball in his hands with seconds left to win the game while the score was tied at the point and missed unfortunately which forced the game into overtime. VIllanova came out on top winning 76-73 in a nail biter. Jay Wright coached a hell of a game and  JayVaughn Pinkston led the team with 22 points.

It was a great bounce back win for the wildcats to bring their confidence back after the loss to Syracuse. The role players on the bench have really been making an impact and benefiting the team lately which could really help them in long run in the NCAA tournament.

Tough Loss (Content Piece #5)

Coming into the game Villanova was on a roll after getting another win over Rider University. The Wildcats were 11-0 at this point but this might just be the biggest challenge of the season so far. Syracuse who is currently ranked in the top three in that nation were next on the schedule.

Villanova came out firing in the first half leading Syracuse 25-7 at one point. But as the game progress Syracuse was just too much to handle overall. Leading by four at halftime, Syracuse took a convincing lead in the second half which Villanova couldn’t recover from. The final score of the game was 78-62. Trevor Cooney (Guard) had 21 points and Tyler Ennis (Guard) had 20 points.

Tyler Ennis (Syracuse) actually has an older brother Dylan Ennis on Villanova who went back and forth different parts of the game.

Going into Syracuse playing in that type of atmosphere against a great time like they are this year is very challenging. The Wildcats accepted the lost and went to practice the following day and worked on what they did wrong knowing they had a divisional game against Butler approaching.

Bragging Rights (Content Piece #4)

Villanova’s next three opponents are all in the “Big Five” which is five college teams in the area that fall under this category; Villanova, La Salle, Temple, Saint Joe’s, and Penn University. They play Penn University first, than Saint Joe’s, than La Salle.

Villanova tops Penn 77-54 winning by over twenty points making a statement. Darrun Hillard led the team with 19 points. Saint Joe’s was next and they beat them as well by thirty points 98-68. One more team left from the “Big Five” and that was La Salle. They beat the Explores by twenty points also led by Darrun Hillard their starting shooting guard once again.

The Villanova Wildcats made a statement blowing out all three of these teams with ease. Bragging rights have been awarded to Villanova and clearly there the team to beat coming out Philadelphia after the victories.

#22 Iowa (Content Piece #3)

Iowa was the next opponent on Villanova’s schedule who happened to be ranked also. Iowa has one of the best offences in the nation with great guard play. Playing back to back ranked opponents is always tough in the NCAA but after the huge win for Nova they were prepared and ready for the game.

Villanova came out flat in the first half going into halftime down by 9 points. As the second half started the energy picked up and they outscored Iowa 39-30 sending the game into overtime. Villanova won the jump ball in overtime and scored on the first possession. They outplayed them in overtime which resulted in a 88-83 win for the streaking Wildcats. James Bell led the team with 20 points and 9 rebounds almost getting a double double.

After beating two ranked many analysts, coaches, and fans across the nation were in disbelief. Nova moved into the AP top 25 poll for the first time this season. They celebrated the victories but they knew had a game that following week against Penn University they needed to prepare for.